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About Us

change Change the world, one ion at a time

Our Mission

Empower underrepresented students to thrive in computer science, provide the opportunity to learn code, become innovators in tech and instill the belief in their own capabilities for success in STEM fields.

Teach students coding essentials and computer science fundamentals in multi-week academies and workshops to capture, engage and demonstrate the power of computing.

Adult program offerings to teach computing essentials to help parents actively engage with technology while they encourage and effectively advocate for their child's STEM development.

Consult with learning institutions to develop custom strategies, provide staff development and training to integrate technology in the curriculum and grow student engagement in STEM subjects.

i6 Beginnings

Established in 2014, ionic6 was founded to introduce students to STEM.

We believe there’s a trailblazer in every student, and they each have the power to change the world.  We provide a supportive network to drive success in computer science and awaken the innovators within.

We structure  activities to keep the creativity and discovery of learning fun.  Our resources help students progressively build their expertise and confidence in their abilities.

We believe a strong support network is essential to our students’ success. We strive to strengthen the partnership between parents, teachers, school and community.  ionic6 is excited to join as your partner in the educational journey.

believe Change the world, one ion at a time

Our Philosophy

The world is rapidly digitizing.  Automation and basic artificial intelligence (AI) components are more prevalent in our jobs, homes, schools, and civic organizations as a way to increase productivity and efficiency.

However, it’s projected approximately 2.4 million STEM-related jobs remain unfilled, and millions more will open up in the next several years.  Furthermore, 78% of high school graduates today don’t meet benchmark readiness for one or more college courses in mathematics or science.  Additionally, STEM hiring rates for women and minorities remain largely unchanged the last 15 years.

But it doesn’t have to remain this way.

about Our Difference

Encourage Explorers

We focus on helping each child discover their inner trailblazer.

Urban schools are undiscovered mines filled with invaluable gems. Our hands-on and experiential learning model instills confidence and encourages students to seek out and welcome new experiences. We prepare students to be leaders!

about Our Difference

Ignite Innovators

We empower our students to believe in the power of one. A reminder that one person can make a difference and that each one of them can ignite change.

One is not inconsequential; in mathematics the number 1 is the building block of all numbers and merits its own existence; it creates the foundation for all others to exist. We help students develop their confidence and belief in themselves and their capabilities to build and create their dreams.

about Our Difference

Challenge Creators

We encourage participants to boldly create and share their ideas with others.

Students are encouraged not only to consume, but also to create.  Developing their ideas into a consumable good is a gift, one they should not deprive others of enjoying.