“Every child has the potential to change the world.”

Mission: Expose underrepresented students to STEM, empower parents as educational partners, collaborate with educators to foster creative learning environments and increase minority presence in the critical fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics

The Challenge.

Middle school is a challenging period for students; they are in the midst of social, emotional and physical transitions while facing more rigorous academic demands. This is also a season rife with opportunity, however during middle school many students veer away from science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subject areas. It’s important to provide sufficient exposure before students dismiss these fields. Prior to 2001, African American students showed the highest level of interest in STEM, excluding Asian students. Since then, African American students interest in STEM has plunged and is now lower than any other ethnicity.

The Opportunity.

STEM occupations are projected to grow by 13% through 2027, compared to a 9% growth rate for non-STEM professions, with computing and engineering jobs leading the way.*   93% of STEM jobs have wages above the national average**, but at the current rate, US universities are expected to produce only 29% of the graduates*** to fill these roles.  It is our responsibility to ensure that students are equipped to maximize their potential and positioned to succeed in this market filled with opportunities.

*Taken from Change The Equation; ** Bureau of Labor Statistics; *** US Department of Labor

The i6 Response.

ionic6 will expose urban minority middle school students to technology in a fun and engaging environment, provide computer essentials training for parents and consulting services to teachers for technology integration in the curriculum. Middle school students will develop coding skills and learn more about STEM related career opportunities while parents build skills to encourage their child’s STEM interest and development. i6 believes a strong support network is essential to the students success. We will help to strengthen the partnership between parents, teachers, the school and community.

Expose to new concepts.

Use recently gained insight

to think creatively and

solve problems


Effectively work with others on a project. Appreciate the value of diverse thoughts and learn to leverage everyone’s contribution for a better result.


Construct the code to formulate the ideas discussed. Practical application of the concepts learned.


See conceptual turn into reality as their ideas are brought to life. Witness the impact of technology and witness the effects when the code runs successfully.

Our i6 Values

We must have the curiosity to explore new things,  the vision to see the possibilities and the passion to execute the plan. We must have the courage to face adversity and the determination to forge ahead and ensure our integrity remains intact and serves as a guiding principle that will help us change the world.

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Our i6 Values

Our Program


Students will learn coding essentials using Scratch , designed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Scratch is a fun and engaging tool to teach students basic programming concepts to capture, engage and demonstrate the power of computing. Students will have an opportunity to showcase their work.
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Parents will learn computing essentials including word processing, email management and navigating social media. Parents are encouraged to actively engage and help their child prepare for final presentations.
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Teachers / Schools

i6 will provide consulting services for teachers and schools to provide recommendations on strategic integration of technology into the curriculum and innovative methods to encourage active student engagement in STEM related subject areas. Contact Us info@ionic6.org

Founders Message

As a teacher, I recognized there was an opportunity to strengthen the collaboration between students, parents, teachers, school and community. Collectively, a strong partnership provides exponential benefits. Ionic 6 (i6) serves as the sixth partner to help facilitate an ongoing relationship and contribute to ensuring a strong successful future. I believe there’s a trailblazer in each student and they have something amazing to share with the world. We must surround them with a supportive core network to unleash the innovator within. Early in life, I had dreams and aspirations of success. Along the way, I was blessed with people who believed in me, inspired me and helped to unearth my potential. I knew that the world was full of amazing possibilities and I set out to discover my destiny. Through my journey I followed my love of mathematics into the field of finance. Along the way, I discovered a gift for teaching and a passion for sharing knowledge with others. I chose to pursue a professional career in business and volunteered my time to non-profit organizations to teach and tutor students. My love of teaching inspired me to take a sabbatical from climbing the corporate ladder to become a full time educator. My tenure as a public middle school math and technology teacher was an enlightening experience; I learned the importance of a strong partnerships between the student, parent, teacher, school and community. This alliance is essential to students’ success.

i6 is a resource to help strengthen this relationship and help to expand student’s horizons by teaching them how to explore and use technology in creative and new ways. I’m excited for students who participate and the families that allow ionic6 to be a part of this journey with them.

Georgia Forbes
Executive Director and Founder

Program Requirements


Currently enrolled in middle school
Have an interest in STEM
Write an essay stating why technology is important to you

Parent / Guardian

At least one parent/guardian must be available to help their child
Write an essay stating how you and your family will benefit from the program

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